First Guided Missiles Used in Korea

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Ed Herlihy
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A new robot-guided missile is used for the first time in combat, as this exclusive Defense Department film shows.


First Guided Missiles Used in Korea

ED HERLIHY: Off Korea a new era dawns in warfare. The carrier USS Boxer launches guided missiles for the first time in combat, bringing the push-button war of tomorrow into present day reality. Defense Department films show the first mission of the robot bombers, weapons that may someday eliminate the human element from air war.

The robot missile is catapulted aloft. It is a semi-obsolete Hell Cat, carrying a one-ton bomb load and a television camera instead of a pilot.

Already in the air is the mother plane, with an observer who flies the drone by remote control. Side by side, missile and mother plane head for the target. Then the pilot, safely out of range of interception and anti-aircraft fire, guides the robot directly into the target with unerring accuracy.

A devastating surprise debut for a deadly new weapon.